When professional speakers Dana Morgan Barnes or John R. Barnes speak to your employees they connect because they bring their real world background, failures and successes to the table.

Dana Morgan Barnes Keynoting If you want your team to be inspired and motivated to succeed, let Dana or John coach them on pursuing their organizational & professional goals. When Two Bears shares some of their personal journeys, your team gets inspired to develop their own journeys of growth, leadership, and more.

Dana and John will challenge your team to make intentional choices that leverage their professional development, inspire them to become better leaders, and demonstrate ways that they can cultivate and apply their skills. Get renewed motivation and higher levels of commitment from your team. John Barnes keynoting

Let Two Bears Solutions inspire your team with topics such as:

  • You Have the Power
  • Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Stay On Your Path
  • Finding The Leader In You
  • Where Your Start Is Not Where You Have To End
  • Engineering Made Fun
  • And more………