Make Healthy Choices

My husband and I had a couple over for dinner last night. They are both relatively healthy and active adults. Both agree though, that they could both stand to “drop a few pounds”. We talked about how I have lost my weight and my lifestyle. They made the statement: we are forced to eat fast food 2-3 times a week because of our schedule.

Forced? They claim that because of work and volunteer and family schedules, there just isn’t time to cook a healthy meal.

Do you feel you’re in that same sort of situation? You just don’t have the time to eat healthy? Do you have the time to be sick? There are choices each of us can make that will lead to becoming healthy and well.

Fast food is a choice. Is it the correct choice? I am not saying NEVER have fast food or ice cream or fried chicken. Whatever you enjoy, it’s ok. Just think about how often and is it really what you need &/or want?

I want to healthy more than I want ice cream or a martini. Will I have a martini one day? Maybe. I don’t want &/or need one for now.

My advice to our friends and to you: plan ahead. Most of the time we know what’s on our schedule and when we will on the run. On those days have your protein shake for dinner instead of breakfast. Cut up raw veggies and put them in easy to grab containers for those rushed days. Always keep a few cooler pacMake a choice to eat healthyks in the freezer and a small cooler handy. How about making a salad the night before and taking it with you? Dressing on the side, of course!!

There are many alternatives to the fast food lane. It does take thinking ahead and some planning. Don’t let a catchy slogan and large plastic cups rule your life! Take control and be healthy… matter how busy you are!!

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