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eating out (500x373)Recently my husband and I went out to a restaurant to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday. She picked an “American Grill”. They are known for their burgers, steaks and desserts. This could be a real trouble spot for a lot of DIETERS.
When you are on a diet, you deprive yourself of all the things that are “bad”. That is until you reach your goal and then go back to eating everything that got you on the diet in the first.
Changing your lifestyle means not depriving yourself. You can live in a whole new way, where food is not a thing to avoid; it is now part of your life. And the life you are living is healthy and bringing you happiness.
I saw that one of their side dishes was fresh, seasonal vegetables. I drank water, had a cup of Vegetable Soup and then asked if I could have a plate of the vegetables. The server was happy to get me what I requested and even asked if I like Portobello mushrooms! YES I do! There was no fuss, no embarrassment. This is what I eat. Period.
The meal was delicious. The plate was so full of veggies that I was still eating while the others ate dessert. Now, could I have had dessert? Yes. I could have. I’m in control of what I eat, not some arbitrary diet. I did not to eat dessert because I really didn’t want it. It’s not part of my lifestyle. Will I add dessert into my lifestyle someday? Maybe. But not for everyday. I’m on a path, I’ll see what is around the bend when I get there.
As you go along your wellness journey, make the choices you want to make. If you decide to eat a dessert, or a piece of bread, of have cheese on something: it’s ok because it’s your choice. Don’t beat yourself up over it, don’t go running off into “I can’t stay on a diet so I might as well eat everything” binge. It’s a choice. It’s YOUR choice.
Think first. Pick wisely. And move on.

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