Eating Healthy At a Party

Healthy choices at partiesWe’ve all been there: someone’s birthday or a special holiday and EVERYone is eating fabulous food.  You’re on a DIET and can’t eat anything because they’re not serving Cabbage Soup or Celery soaked in vinegar….or whatever crazy diet you are on at that moment. 

 What do you do?  I know what I used to do: eat!  I would not just eat off the veggie platter and “cheat a little” with some Ranch Dressing.  Oh NO!!  I would eat everything that didn’t run off the table! And if it ran, I’d kill it and THEN eat it!!  Not really, but you do know what I mean!

 If you’re on a diet: you are depriving yourself of anything that is good tasting and satisfying.  You feel like everyone is looking at you and thinking “oh, they’re on a diet!  Look how FAT they are!”  (Here’s a secret:  no one is looking at you.  They are too busy stuffing their own faces to care about what you are or are not eating.)    

 Instead of eating everything or worse…not going at all, try a different strategy: change your lifestyle, don’t diet.  That’s right: don’t diet.  Once I changed my lifestyle and not my diet, I was free to choose what I ate and how much.  I no longer “cheat”.  Instead, I decide what I am willing to go without and what is too good to pass up. 

 With a lifestyle change, you already know what you are eating before you go to the event.  You can bring something that not only you will enjoy, but others will too.  Now that you are no longer on a DIET, you can make adjustments that fit with your lifestyle.

 Once your lifestyle change is in place, you will start feeling better and healthier.  Deciding not to eat that cookie or pie is much easier because you FEEL better.  You no longer feel like a victim, you are now ruler of what you eat and how you feel. 

 WOW!  You can be so powerful!!

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