Phone Coaching

Why is telephone coaching so successful?

Over 91% of all successful coaching is conducted over the phone.

Here are the many reasons why.

  1. Telephone coaching virtually assures success because you will be connected with your ideal coach. We have found and studies confirm that clients who create their ideal client/coach relationship accomplish their desired results almost every time, and clients that do not create the ideal client/coach relationship are much less successful. The odds that you and your ideal coach will be within reasonable travel distance are extremely low. With telephone coaching, you will be able to select from coaches located almost anywhere, so you can focus on how well they meet your ideal coach requirements, without geographical limitations.
  2. Telephone coaching is much more effective. Neither you nor the coach will be distracted by physical actions or appearances of each other or the surroundings where you would meet. You want your coach to be your equal partner and the telephone is the great equalizer. It is very difficult for either you or your coach to intentionally or accidentally become the superior person over the telephone. The telephone allows the coaching experience to be focused entirely on you, as it is intended.
  3. Telephone coaching is much more efficient. You and your coach will get into coaching right away. You will not have to conduct normal social graces required in face to face meetings. We have found that telephone coaching sessions generally require 50% to 75% less time than face to face coaching. In addition, telephone coaching requires much less preparation time, because neither you nor your coach will have to spend time traveling.
  4. Telephone coaching is much less costly. Telephone coaching has proven to cost approximately 60% less than face to face coaching. You will not have to pay for the travel expenses for your coach or yourself, and you will not waste your valuable time traveling. You will pay lower coaching fees and use less of your time during the sessions, because telephone coaching requires less time than face to face coaching.
  5. Telephone coaching is very convenient and relaxing. You will be able to conduct your coaching sessions from any location you wish. Neither you nor your coach will have to overcome the frustrations or the delays and hassles of traveling. You will be able to select a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during coaching sessions.
  6. Telephone coaching is very confidential. The private and secure place you choose to be during coaching sessions will assure complete confidentiality. No one will know who you are talking to, let alone what you are talking about.
  7. Telephone coaching is very enjoyable. You will be able to be yourself in private and have more fun doing it. You will be able to enjoy the moment without concern for others watching or listening.

As you can see, all of the above reasons make telephone coaching much more valuable and fun to do. However, there might be times when face to face coaching would be best for clients. Face to face coaching would be much better for coaching groups of people at the same time. Sometimes, face to face coaching might also be better when there are physical considerations that are germane to you achieving your goals.