Group / Team Coaching

John Barnes Coaching Small GroupSmall setting onsite or via webinar and tele-conference.

All teams have their own idiosyncrasies which come from historical baggage, personality mix, reputation within the organization and prevailing beliefs (micro-culture), all of which influence its ability to perform.

Team coaching provides groups and teams the opportunity to go beyond their current abilities. By working with the team in the context of its everyday work and challenges, a coach introduces new ideas and sees opportunities for improving team performance.



Organizational Benefits of Team Coaching:

  • It enables an empowering culture within the organization to grow.
  • It helps teams to work in unison to make their vision a reality.

This translates to:

  • Higher employee productivity
  • Effective leadership development
  • Greater company morale
  • Higher profitability rates over the short- and long-term

Benefits to Team Members Who Receive Team Coaching and Training:

  • Improved team performance and a focus on results
  • A greater sense of trust and respect
  • An increase in motivation
  • A clear relationship between the team’s daily work and the organization’s mission
  • An increase in creative problem solving
  • The ability to engage in appropriate debate

In Collaboration with Team Leaders and Key Team Members We Will Help your Team to:

  • Define its purpose and priorities
  • Understand its environment
  • Identify and tackle barriers to performance
  • Build the team learning plan
  • Grow confidence in themselves and their leaders
  • Develop the systems, skills and behaviors to internalize coaching