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Healthy Eating Going Out

Recently my husband and I went out to a restaurant to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday. She picked an “American Grill”. They are known for their burgers, steaks and desserts. This could be a real trouble spot for a lot of DIETERS.
When you are on a …

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Exercise and Your Health

What’s best for you? I am not a doctor and I never played one on TV. So….talk to your doctor and find out what they think you can do. You may or may not agree with them. They may tell you to take it easy …

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Make Healthy Choices

Make a choice to eat healthy

My husband and I had a couple over for dinner last night. They are both relatively healthy and active adults. Both agree though, that they could both stand to “drop a few pounds”. We talked about how I have lost my weight and my lifestyle. …

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Eating Healthy At a Party

Healthy choices at parties

We’ve all been there: someone’s birthday or a special holiday and EVERYone is eating fabulous food.  You’re on a DIET and can’t eat anything because they’re not serving Cabbage Soup or Celery soaked in vinegar….or whatever crazy diet you are on at that moment. 
 What …

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It’s All About YOU!

Man thinking about life.

This journey of health/weight loss is the one time it HAS to be about you.  It’s not about what your husband or wife wants.  It’s not about someone bribing you: money, vacation and even new clothes are not enough to make you get healthy.
You have …

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