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Make Healthy Choices

Make a choice to eat healthy

My husband and I had a couple over for dinner last night. They are both relatively healthy and active adults. Both agree though, that they could both stand to “drop a few pounds”. We talked about how I have lost my weight and my lifestyle. …

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Eating Healthy At a Party

Healthy choices at parties

We’ve all been there: someone’s birthday or a special holiday and EVERYone is eating fabulous food.  You’re on a DIET and can’t eat anything because they’re not serving Cabbage Soup or Celery soaked in vinegar….or whatever crazy diet you are on at that moment. 
 What …

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It’s All About YOU!

Man thinking about life.

This journey of health/weight loss is the one time it HAS to be about you.  It’s not about what your husband or wife wants.  It’s not about someone bribing you: money, vacation and even new clothes are not enough to make you get healthy.
You have …

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